The Dream Breakers


The Dream Breakers by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

We are the dream makers fighting the dream breakers
Hordes of depressed silent masses
They seek out the others destroying their brothers
Content to be lowly and fascist

We’re fighting good people and sometimes our equals
We’ll stand up to those who would harm us
We’ll trust not a soul, nihilism’s our goal
and we’ll fend off all those that would charm us

We’ll safe guard our heart right from the start
and pretend what they say doesn’t matter
We’ll hide them away, let our feelings decay
‘til our minds are as mad as a hatter

We’ll sit in the dark all alone with no spark
‘cause they might steal our light if we flash it
and then we’ll blend in ‘cause it isn’t a sin
to come out in the world if we match them

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