Seed Guzzler Part Deux: Ode to An Inebriated Enchantress


Seed Guzzler Part Deux: Ode to An Inebriated Enchantress by Melodie Yvonne Ramey

Gettin’ dressed up for a night on the town
Makin real sure boobs hang outta her gown
Slatherin’ makeup on big bright doe eyes
Remove that concealer you’ll get a surprise

Hiding her horns with tentacle arms
that wave with medusa-like seductive charms
She’s got the look, but talks not her skill
Personality free, but her mouth pays the bills

Struttin’ around like slutty the fox
This girl sure can gurgle a gaggle of cocks
She’ll clamp right on quick with teeth filled vagina
and once she tastes blood she’ll always find ya

One’s not enough she’s got vents and two hands
Fillin’ her pockets not sharing with friends
Bendin’ her elbows and not long she’s sober
She pulls back her beef curtains then she bends over

Hiding her horns with tentacle arms
that wave with medusa-like seductive charms
She’s got the look, but talks not her skill
Personality free, but her mouth pays the bills

Selfish she lays like a dead fish while fucking
You’ll try to pull out once she starts soul sucking
but if you stay still and real quiet like a mouse
you’ll hear her soul whisper, “Look my boobs are out!”

Try not to look or again you’re a goner
She’ll bat her lashes ‘til you want her longer
Then you succumb and she’ll always forgive you
and you’ll bring more flesh for her teeth to sink into

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PS… It has been brought to my attention that people think this is about a single person. This poem is NOT about any one particular person. It was born as a one liner joke in a poem about an older lady actually with only the line “This girl sure can gurgle a gaggle of cocks” rhyming with something else. I couldn’t use that in this particular poem about this lady, it was a joke rhyme, so I pulled that line out and saved it a couple weeks… then some of my friends were challenging me to rhyme with words like “vagina”, so then lines grew and kinda turned into a spoof poem about my general frustration with women exploiting themselves. I am more than happy to share the whole story this is an edited version. I’m not gonna delete this poem ’cause it’s not about anybody, and I feel like I should pay for the consequences of my poor sense of humor and rhyming of bad words. If I’m guilty of anything else it’s making bad abstract photos out of laziness as feature photos, no harm intended. The feature photo is now a bad abstract of me, however, I’m pretty sure the poem isn’t about me either. Although, please feel free to call me a seed guzzling whore in the comments or something if it makes you feel better. Bonus points for rhyming insults. Seriously, though, sorry to all I have offended.